Emily Verdonk is the owner and founder of Morris Verdonk Accounting a boutique firm specializing in rural water and telecommunications, nonprofits, cemeteries, counselors, and attorney's . Over the course of Emily’s 20 years she has done everything from accounts receivable to managing multi-million dollar companies. Emily has worked with multiple specialties with non-profits including schools, chambers, business improvement areas, startups and many more. Some of the qualities that she is known for is carefulness, integrity, discreteness, and financial knowledge. The team works virtually with all of our clients and comes with a robust background in their specific area of practice. Each team has members to full fill accounting needs from CFO to bookkeeping.

Hi, I'm Emily

Founder of Morris Verdonk Accounting

A long time ago, back at the beginning of college I took an accounting class one summer just to see what it was. That started a journey to major in business accounting and eventually start my own firm! During college I worked to help pay for tuition and spend time working in the accounts receivable department, or better known as the student finance center, at the college I was attending. It was wonderful! I was able to put into practice the theory that I was studying late into the night. There was even a day I pointed out to my boss that there was a gap in how parking tickets were reconciled and that it would be easy for someone to get away with not paying their ticket. After college my career in public accounting started where I had the privilege to learn from some amazing bosses and mentors. They let me question everything, were patient and made me the accountant I am today. Fast forward many years later and I still love accounting and asking questions! The best way to get to the root issue is by asking questions till you find what the root problem is. Only then can you begin to solve the problem. I enjoy listening to every business tell their story and learning about them.
When I am not reading accounting books or working I love to be outside! Hiking, snowshoeing, and mountaineering are where you will find me. These days my adventures include my family and are a little more "tame" but always fun.

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