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Organizations rise and fall based on finances.

But many people feel trapped by their finances and are not sure where to begin. Can you relate?

Every organization is working hard to complete their mission but the accounting doesn't take priority.

Employees are thrilled with their raises but the organization experiences a cash crunch.

Board members are excited to volunteer but do not understand what is happening regarding finances.

As an owner you would like to put more of your energy into an area other than accounting.



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Morris Verdonk Accounting empowers nonprofits to leave a legacy for their communities.

Resources for organizations of all sizes.

Online courses

Online courses designed for pros who are ready to set their organization up for unparalleled financial success. 


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Monthly CFO, Accounting & Bookkeeping

Have monthly reports, reconciliations, payroll, and much more done for you each month.

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Project Help

Have a large project that needs accomplished! Let us partner with you to meet your goals.

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MVA helps nonprofits make financial decisions at every level by providing an accounting structure for organizational health.

Get started with my non-profit accounting bootcamp!

Build An Accounting System

An online course designed for nonprofit pros who are ready to set their nonprofits up for unparalleled financial successMy nonprofit startup accounting course covers a variety of important topics that will help improve your nonprofit’s efficiency, productivity, and compliance.

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Coming Soon: Budgeting

Planning where the organizations finances is going each year should be a fun project! This course will walk you through why budgeting is important and take you through the entire process.

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Our new current client portal! This is new addition will answer our most frequent questions and give step by step guidance on what needs to be done.


Free code available from our accounting team! Email your contact today!

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