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Yes, your nonprofit may not make money the same way a traditional business does. But money still plays a significant role in it. After all, you need to collect donations, pay employees, and balance the books. 

If you’re part of a new, young, or small nonprofit, understanding the ins and outs of nonprofit accounting is not an option. It’s what will enable you to avoid common mistakes, reach your organization’s goals, and fulfill its mission. 

That’s where my course comes in. It makes it fun and easy to learn about nonprofit accounting strategies and incorporate them into your daily operations. Keep reading to learn more about who I am and what you can expect from my nonprofit startup accounting bootcamp.

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Hi there! 

I’m Emily, a seasoned nonprofit accounting expert that’s here to help your organization thrive. I bring over 20 years of experience to the table and specialize in internal finance for nonprofits. My goal is to provide you with the insider knowledge, tools, and resources you need to ensure your nonprofit's finances are in tip-top shape today, tomorrow, and years down the road. 

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What You’ll Learn


My nonprofit startup accounting course covers a variety of important topics that will help improve your nonprofit’s efficiency, productivity, and compliance. Once you complete my course, you’ll be well-versed in the following:


  • Basic accounting terms
  • Excel 
  • QuickBooks
  • Expense tracking
  • Revenue generation
  • Payroll processing 
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Monthly reporting
  • Basic budgeting 

Taking control of your non-profit finances!

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From Emily:

"To me, your success is personal. I want you to leave a legacy for your community."


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